On Talking
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Silence is unnatural1 to man. He begins life with a cry and ends it in stillness. In the interval2 he does all he can to make a noise in the world, and there are few things of which he stands in more fear than of the absence of noise. Even his conversation is in great measure a desperate attempt to prevent a dreadful silence. If he is introduced to a fellow mortal and a number of pauses occur in the conversation, he regards himself as a failure, a worthless person, and is full of envy of the emptiest headed chatterbox. He knows that ninety-nine percent of human conversation means no more than the buzzing of a fly, but he longs to join in the buzz and to prove that he is a man and not a wax-work figure. The object of conversation is not, for the most part, to communicate ideas: it is to keep up the buzzing sound. There are, it must be admitted, different qualities of buzz: there is even a buzz that is as exasperating3 as the continuous ping of a mosquito. But at a dinner-party one would rather be a mosquito than a mute. Most buzzing, fortunately, is agreeable to the ear, and some of it is agreeable even to the mind. He would be a foolish man, however, who waited until he had a wise thought to take part in the buzzing with his neighbors. Those who despise the weather as a conversational4 opening seem to me to be ignorant of the reason why human beings wish to talk. Very few human beings join in a conversation in the hope of learning anything new. At the end of an evening during which they have said nothing at immense length, they justly plume5 themselves on their success as conversationalists.


1 unnatural 5f2zAc     
  • Did her behaviour seem unnatural in any way?她有任何反常表現嗎?
  • She has an unnatural smile on her face.她臉上掛著做作的微笑。
2 interval 85kxY     
  • The interval between the two trees measures 40 feet.這兩棵樹的間隔是40英尺。
  • There was a long interval before he anwsered the telephone.隔了好久他才回了電話。
3 exasperating 06604aa7af9dfc9c7046206f7e102cf0     
adj. 激怒的 動詞exasperate的現在分詞形式
  • Our team's failure is very exasperating. 我們隊失敗了,真是氣死人。
  • It is really exasperating that he has not turned up when the train is about to leave. 火車快開了, 他還不來,實在急人。
4 conversational SZ2yH     
  • The article is written in a conversational style.該文是以對話的形式寫成的。
  • She values herself on her conversational powers.她?湟约旱哪苎陨妻q。
5 plume H2SzM     
  • Her hat was adorned with a plume.她帽子上飾著羽毛。
  • He does not plume himself on these achievements.他并不因這些成就而自夸。
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