Clever Thief 聰明的小偷
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Devan was a clever thief. He robbed the rich and gave all to the sick and the needy. The other thieves were jealous of him. They planned to get rid of him. They challenged to steal the King’s Pyjamas. 
Deven accepted the challenge. After that he prepared to execute the new challenge. He charted out a plan to steal the King. He prepared himself mentally to carry out a plan. 
He went to the King’s Palace. He found the King sleeping. He opened a bottle of red ants on the bed. The King was badly bitten. He cried for help. The servants rushed in. They pretended to look for ants. Deven removed the King’s Pyjamas and escaped. Other thieves were dump founded. 
They accepted Deven their leader. 
Moral : Be clever.

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